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Thomas „Sunny Day Kitchen“: Pour mettre du soleil dans votre cuisine

Le design intemporel et la bonne fontionnalité donneront vie à la collection “Sunny Day”. Nous n'hésiterons pas à porter le service de table dans la cuisine et de placez le bol sur la table. L’or blanc est là pour être utilisé. Dans la collection “Sunny Day Kitchen” vous trouverez la bonne couleur pour votre cuisine.

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    Sunny Day Gratin - Thomas: colourful pleasure for every day

    From the oven to the table and from the table to the fridge. Eight round and six cornered casserole dishes not only offer the ideal kitchenware for baking, gratinating or heating up food, but also for preparing salads as well as serving and storing food. The porcelain dishes are available ...

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  • Thomas Sunny Day TextilMontrer maintenant

    Sunny Day Textile - Thomas: Colourful Cooking-Pleasure

    Quality, sharp details and the typical relaxed feeling of the "Sunny Day" decoration make for a wonderful combination with the new "Sunny Day" textile series. The kitchen apron, oven glove, tea towel, bread basket bag and two pot holders, all made from textile material, are available in four bright "Sunny ...

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