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Sambonet Kids

La mise de table c’est pour tous les âges ! De la chaise haute à la table avec sa maman et son papa, les enfants aussi peuvent maintenant jouer et s’amuser lors des repas avec la porcelaine et les couverts Kids !

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    Vaisselle pour enfants - Sambonet

    The art of table-place setting is ageless! From now on, fun and games can continue for the kids – even when it's time to eat – whether they are sat in a high chair, or together with mom and dad at the table. All objects are made of white porcelain ...

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    Accessoires - Sambonet

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    Couvert enfant - Sambonet

    Sambonet is also suitable for kids. Two new collections have been developed from the "Hearts of Steel" designs – two options to make those meals taste even better! Both collections combine Sambonet quality with the lightness and convenience of attractive sets, meeting the needs of parents and kids alike. Easy ...

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