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Legnoart is based in Omegna, on the shores of beautiful Lake Orta, in North-Western Italy. Founded in 1946, the company has expanded and is now represented in over 52 countries. It has also earned international reputation for its high quality, well designed product range and is the recipient of several awards for “excellence in handcrafted products”. Recognised as “objects of desire” for the home, the elegant Legnoart collection is available from exclusive retail outlets and upmarket lifestyle stores.

ITALY, all items in the collection reflect a distinctive Italian style and flair with a strong focus on innovative design/aesthetics, functionality, and durability. There are many aspects of the Legnoart collection that enable it to have universal appeal. LEGNOART, means the “art of wood”, all items conform to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship with a strong focus on innovative design, attention to detail, and the use of “environmentally friendly” materials. In manufacturing we try to utilize the boards in the best way, repairing small faults instead of resorting to chemical processes that make all the surfaces the same. Our customers recognize that the unique beauty of wood lies also in it’s small imperfections. The small amount of waste timber in our factory goes back into the production cycle by means of a bio-mass plant that supplies thermal power - reducing our consumption of gas or oil and pollution they cause.

Our products are processed in an air-conditioned room, to avoid thermal shock to the wood during manufacture. Each piece is individually processed, allowing the operator freedom in interpreting at his or her best the individual object. All this is done by means of technologically advanced equipment, which allows the flexibility each article needs. The finishing is done manually, trying to enhance the unique characteristics of each individual piece. Hand finishing satisfies our moral responsibility for the employee’s health and the environment whilst underling the special features of each object produced. We have changed the finish to an environmentally friendly solution made entirely from vegetable and mineral products, the finish clearly shows the “open pore” characteristics of the wood enhancing the appearance of the wood. The pores through which the sap used to flow inside the living tree are clearly visible in the grain of the timber. These “canals” have been elaborated by the tree during each spring throughout it’s life and they tell us the story of the tree: How long it lived, how fast it grew, what it’s environment was like and so on. Our finishing systems allows you to “read” the wood and take home a piece of history as well as a work of art. The extensive product range is smart, with a timeless quality which give it its distinctive “lifestyle signature”. Its diversity enables year-round sales in the retail sector. Enrico Albertini is the owner of the company as well as a designer, and together with his team of famous designers they create the unique LEGNOART collection. Aware of the changing needs of today’s life in the home, new and interesting items are introduced annually.

All Legnoart products have a distinctive personality and a clear market identity, appealing to those who appreciate high-quality “lifestyle items” with unique design. The elegant Legnoart packaging is also a notable feature, which enhances the product line. As the company controls the complete product cycle, from conception to production and distribution, it can ensure the smooth operation and fully manage quality control at the highest level possible. Recognizing that “after-sales” service and customer satisfaction is more important than sales, Legnoart has select distributors and agents around the world who also share this philosophy.

They are competent and professional , and form the LEGNOART TEAM which is passionate about the exclusive Legnoart collection, and the enjoyment of which they wish to share with others. Having the full support of Legnoart from Italy, they are to achieve this quest for excellence and success.

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