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The most wonderful day in your life - this is how you get wha

Green, silver or golden wedding, birthday or jubilee, first communion or confirmation. Every such special event should become an unforgettable festive day. With the help of the Rosenthal gift-service you can make a dream come true. The art of giving (presents) is not only expressed in the act of giving but also in the choice of the present. Its esteem is measured in how close it meets taste and personal style of the presentee.

How does a wedding-list work?

Tell us your desires. Make your choice in a relaxed atmosphere. At home or with the help of our sales experts in the Rosenthal Studio-Haus Shop. Be it premium porcelain, exquisite stemware, noble cutlery or any other articles -  here you will find exactly those presents that match your personality and style. Our sales teams in the Rosenthal Studio-Haus Shops are experienced and competent when compiling your personal list of wishes.

Your choice of articles is compiled on a wedding-list. Double entries do not occur. You will then give information cards, which include the name of your Rosenthal Studio-Haus Shop, to your guests.

Relatives, friends and acquaintances find on your wedding-list exactly those articles that you really desire. Of course we also accept orders via fax, telephone or email. Festive and exclusive gift-wrappings are available on request as well as delivery service.  

We also offer Rosenthal gift-service if the festive event does not take place within Germany or if guests from abroad have chosen a gift from the wedding-list. On request we could also issue the list in English.

Come and visit the Rosenthal Studio-Haus Shop in your home town and get consultancy without obligation - we would be glad to accept your reservation for an appointment! 

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