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Rosenthal studio-line

50 years of design

The Rosenthal Studio-Line has a worldwide reputation for avant-garde and sophisticated design. Famous artists and designers from across the globe have designed contemporary porcelain sets, unique accessories and porcelain and glass gift articles for the Rosenthal Studio-Line. In addition to its porcelain collections the Rosenthal Studio-Line also offers high quality cutlery series and glass collections. The brand is targeted at an audience which is enthusiastic about design and art, and open for modern, innovative product ideas.

The Studio-Line claim has always been, and still is today, to transfer modern design to tabletop culture and interior design. Famous designers have translated their individual conceptions of innovative, sophisticated and functional design into Rosenthal collections, united by the commission to create “Originals of their Time”. With the Studio-Line introduced in the 1950s, Rosenthal assumed a forerunner role in the industry. The Studio-Line has made design history up until the current time and initiated far-reaching trends.

Brand Marks

1999 - today

1961 - 1999

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