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To the untrained eye, cutlery of different qualities and price ranges may look very much alike. However, there are several characteristics, which distinguish high-quality cutlery.

The bowl of a well-made spoon must not have any sharp edges, it has to be carefully rounded and be smooth to the touch. Passing the palm of your hand over the edges will easily establish this.

A high quality fork should be smooth even on the inside of its prongs. Forks of poorer quality are polished only in their more visible areas, and the areas between the prongs
for example are being neglected. In addition the face of a good quality fork should be slightly curved, like a spoon.

High quality knife blades are polished until no traces of grinding remain. The better the finish, the greater is the resistance to corrosion.

A forged stainless steel blade is very much thicker towards the shaft of the knife where it meets the handle. On cheaper types of cutlery, a collar camouflages this part of the knife.

All good quality knife blades bear the manufacturers trademark.