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Conseils de nettoyage et d'entretien: Casseroles et poêles

Prior to first use wash your pot or pan thoroughly in hot sudsy water. Please read the instructions for use carefully.

Never place empty pots or pans on a hot stove and never let them remain there when empty. Both, utensil and the stove may be damaged due to overheating. Always add salt or concentra ted stock by stirring it into the hot water. To avoid pitting, never store salted water or highly salted food in your pot or pan.

Clean slightly soiled pots and pans with a normal dish-washing detergent. Never use sharp utensils such as knives, steel wool, or copper rags to clean heavily soiled pots or pans. Fill the pot or pan with water and let it soak, then clean it with Inox Cleaner (stainless steel). »Genio« pots and pans are suited for dish washers. However, if you clean your pots and pans regularly in the dish washer, the plastic handles and knobs will loose their sheen and colour. Discolourations are easily cleaned with SPRING Inox Cleaner. Inox Cleaner is also ideally suited to remove lime deposits.

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